Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

September 19, 2012

I’d like to know what you think. I haven’t found a candidate I can vote for this year. I’m open to suggestions. Just for a moment, forget about labels, Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, red, blue, and consider the words of the second sentence of the American Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Show me a candidate who can say:

1. As Americans, as human beings, we have the right to life, from the moment of conception until our creator decides to remove us from this earth.

2. What is Liberty, if not freedom from the tyranny of hunger, pain, sickness, addictions, and poverty? In this land of plenty, we all should have food to eat, a home, however humble, and adequate medical care.

3. Everyone deserves a job. A job with a living wage drives the pursuit of Happiness. That is real entitlement. If we were to tie minimum wage to CEO and executive compensation, in order for corporate executives to get a raise, the lowest-paid workers would also have to get a raise. All workers would make wages that would enable them to pay for a home, food, utilities, insurance, and all the necessities of life. Smaller businesses could be subsidized so they can pay workers a living wage.

4. Being equal, every American should pay the same percentage of income tax.

5. Those who are not healthy enough to work a regular schedule can be assigned jobs they can do at home: phone duties, filing, word processing, programming, research, report writing, etc.

6. Every person who is the parent of a child must contribute to the support of that child. Those who choose not to support their children should be assigned jobs by and for the county. They should be paid for their work, but a portion of the compensation should be set aside for support of the dependent children.

7. Every person should have access to affordable mass transit.

8. Telecommuting should be encouraged and rewarded. Allowing people to work from home would make it possible for more people to work, and it would be good for the economy and the planet.

9. Bring our soldiers home to patrol crime-ravaged neighborhoods, fight the war on drugs, and protect American borders.  And speaking of soldiers, no veteran should ever want for food, shelter or medical care.

10. I will not interfere with your right not to believe in God, and you will not interfere with my right to worship as I please. I will be allowed to pray wherever I please, and I will pledge allegiance to my country’s flag, as it stands for one nation under God. That is what freedom is all about. No one is going to force you to listen or watch.


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